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Our vision

We want to lift the real estate renting to the next level using the latest technology and by improving and automating every part of the rental process.

We strive to continually raise the experience for our tenants, while taking care of everything for our landlords and investors and raising revenues on their properties.

We want to create new living experiences and improve the existing ones.

How We Work

We work exclusively with selected property owners and take on only one project at a time to be able to deliver top quality in every detail.

The property owners that we choose to work with can count on the absolute highest possible revenue from their properties and a worry-free rental, as we take care of everything and take care of it with outomost professionalism.

Our Concepts

We have a number of concepts that we work with, through which property owners can get significantly higher rent for their properties than through the traditional ways of renting.

Long-Stay Apartments

We furnish and style houses and apartments and rent them to companies. Landlords can expect a 15-20% higher rent income than by renting directly to private individuals.

Each property is furnished and styled professionally taking into consideration the look and style of the property and the types of tenants it is to be rented to.

Long-Stay Rooms in Shared Accommodation

Rooms in larger apartments and houses are rented out to a certain group of tenants on a long term basis (at least three months). Landlords can get up to 50% higher rent income for their properties than by any other type of rental of such properties. Houses and apartments must have at least four bedrooms and two toilets.

Right now we have two groups of tenants that we rent out to. One group consists of highly educated individuals mainly in the IT industry, as well as PhD students and researchers.

The second group is people with artistic and creative jobs.

Short-Stay Apartments and Houses

There is a great need for apartments and houses rented short-term, especially in central Stockholm. Landlords can get up to 50% higher rent for their items rented short term. Through a substantial deposit, we ensure that tenants follow the rules set for the property.

Fully Automated Hotels and Apartment Hotels

Hotels without the reception desk where tenants use codes to access their rooms and enter the property. We are constantly looking for suitable buildings and premises that can be converted for this concept. Landlords can count on significantly higher rent for their properties that can be converted into hotels.

High-End Houses and Apartments for Ambassadors and Diplomats

Through our contacts with embassies and consulates, we are constantly receiving requests for ”luxury” houses and apartments. The objects are rented for three to five years, for the absolute best rent you can get on the market.

Housing for Construction Workers

We have a great demand for all types of housing for the construction workers. We are therefore constantly looking for new properties that can be made into, or are hotels, hostels, apartments and apartment modules.

Cottages and Houses in Scenic Spots

Stockholm has a fantastic scenery that both Stockholmers and tourists want to experience.

We help the property owners who want to share their cottages and houses in the nature while ganing a nice income. We take care of everything, make sure that their houses are taken care of and return them them cleaned when the owner wants to use them for their own account.

We also look for scenic sites where we can install self-sufficient cottages in the middle of nature. The landowner gets the pleasure of giving people a fantastic experience on their land and at the same time a nice financial compensation for that pleasure.

Low-End Accommodations with Apartment Modules

We are looking for a plot where we can install minimum of forty one-apartment modules that are to be rented as cheap accommodation primarily to students, people in need of housing, who have been relocated to Stockholm and construction workers.

The site should preferably not be too far from commuter train station or subway station, and it should have access to electricity, water and sewage drain.

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